About Us

Keeam Consult is lead by Chartered Accountants, linked to a wide network of professionals, including auditors, bookkeepers, tax specialists, secretarial specialists, payroll specialists and legal experts. Our key individuals have been in the financial management and audit field for the past 20 years, which contributes to our broad knowledge base. 

Our mission… 

To aid businesses in effective decision making, and aim for sustainability and financial health 

We believe that businesses that are financially stable are in a better position to make rational directed business decisions 

Our approach is to understand your business, your personal ambitions and the industry in which you compete. We believe this provides our clients with a personal service, catered just for them. 

We ensure statutory compliance leaving the leaders of our clients to do what they do best – to grow their businesses! 

We are a one stop audit, accounting, tax, advisory shop, for all your unique needs, but our vision is beyond that, we want to be known as the number one business growth specialist and trusted business advisors 

Our main marketing area is referrals, we have a strong commitment to effective client service and satisfaction. We have a passion for what we do and we do it with pride and integrity